tick Thanks so much for your help. Your suggestions are very professional and useful. What's more, from my point of view, your charge is really far from enough and I think your work deserves more pay.
tick Thanks so much! That was a very quick turnaround!
tick Thank you very much for the Report and the Master file. I read them yesterday and thought it would have been better had I known you before the Examination process! Your recommendations are extremely useful.
tick Thank you so much for your help. I have to be honest that reading your comments and report felt very helpful but more than that, somehow cheering as if I wasn't alone in this last stage. I had to leave Australia a couple of months ago amid COVID and have been feeling very isolated but this correspondence with you felt less lonely so thank you so much! Great great bonus to the excellent service.
tick Thanks so much for this, it will be a relief to hit submit today! Thanks again for your help in the final stages of this project.
tick That's so excellent! You are a true professional, I mean you really are!
tick I appreciate your detailed report and the work you have done on my thesis before the final submission.
tick Thanks for such positive and constructive feedback. I really enjoyed reading your email. In fact, I read it twice.
tick Firstly, thank you again for all of your work. I simply can't imagine doing your job!
tick Thank you so much for all of your work. It's really just amazing.
tick You have made this final tedious phase a lot less tedious.
tick What a wonderful job you did of that editing! Thank you. Really valuable.
tick Thank so much for your very fast proof-reading Bronte. I am very pleased by your response.
tick Everything looks fantastic! Thanks again, great job.
tick Thank you so much for the professional job you have done.
tick I have already started recommending you to colleagues and will continue to do so :)
tick Thank you very much for your excellent attention to detail, you made this process much easier than I expected!
tick It was pleasure to work with you. I will recommend you to all other PhD students and my supervisors.
tick Can't thank you enough.. thank you very much for all your support.. I learned a lot from your comments and suggestions.. I will certainly seek your editorial support in the future. Again thanks million you are an angel.
tick I am truly amazed thank you so much. I think it looks perfect! Brilliant!!
tick Thank you for the quick turnaround and insightful and spot on comments.
tick Wonderfully thorough as always, and your comments in the report insightful and spot on.
tick Your understanding of writing conventions and styes is truly impressive.
tick I had a really wonderful learning experience revising the thesis according to your editing.
tick Oh my gosh how great, thanks a zillion.
tick I am just so amazed at the consideration you've given to my thesis and am so very grateful for all of your comments and suggestions - wow!
tick Thanks...for the excellent work editing my thesis.
tick I want to thank you again for your extraordinarily detailed proofing, which has taught me so much in regard to language, grammar and style.
tick Thank you again for your excellent work and we will definitely be in touch for future projects.
tickExcellent work! More than excellent in fact.
tick I have just finished including all of your suggested proof edits. This is fantastic and not always my experience of professional editors.
tick Overall, may I say, that you have done fantastic job. I'm really impressed and hugely grateful for your extremely quick proofreading service.
tickThe three examiners were very positive about the content and there are only a few very minor corrections needed. One examiner commented on the immaculate presentation and I thank you for your help in that regard as it certainly was formatted beautifully and your work on proofreading the final draft was invaluable. I have had no hesitation in recommending you to others as it is so important to present ones' work in the best form possible.
tickI couldn't format the thesis I'm not very computer savvy. Again - thanks. It looked great and your input with corrections was valuable.
tickI've read this thesis over and over but must have kept missing errors that you found. I should have contacted you before now. Thank you.
tickMy supervisor wants to recommend you to other candidates. I will certainly recommend your services to ther colleagues as well as to the Uni's Centre for Research and Graduate Training.

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